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LVMH will support the GrandMetGuinness merger. Bernard Arnault Bernard Arnault (born five March 1949) is a French businessman. He is the 7th richest individual in the world and France's richest person with an approximated internet really worth of $26 billion US bucks, according to a Forbes report in March 2007. will be appointed a nonexecutive director A nonexecutive director (NED, also NXD) or outside director is a member of the board of directors of a business who does not form part of the executive administration team. He or she is not an worker of the business or affiliated with it in any other way. of GMG Brand names on its formation. The shareholder construction of Moet Hennessy (66 % LVMH, 34 % Guinness) will remain in place. LVMH will not deal in the shares of GrandMet in between now and completion of the GMG Brands merger. The present standstill agreements with Guinness will remain unchanged. Reflecting extra advantages to its companies resulting from this agreement, Guinness will spend LVMH the sum of 250 million lbs sterling on the passing chanel väska of the enabling resolution for the GMG Brands merger, which is refundable if the merger is not finished.The merger of GrandMet and Guinness is conditional on shareholder approval and regulatory clearance in the EU michael kors väskor and the Usa. The EU regulatory procedure will be finished by Oct 27, 1997 and, subject to satisfactory clearance, official documentation will be circulated to shareholders of both GrandMet and Guinness shortly thereafter. It is expected that the merger will be finished in midJanuary 1998. , Chairman of GrandMet, and Anthony Greener, Chairman of Guinness commented "We are all very chanel online happy to be in a position to announce these new preparations which will deliver additional benefits to the shareholders of all 3 businesses ."LVMH Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton The Louis Vuitton Business (much more generally known merely as Louis Vuitton) is a luxurious French style and leather items brand name and business, headquartered in Paris, France. is the world's top luxury goods team. Its prestige brands Prestige Brands, Inc. NYSE: PBH is a company that manufactures individual care and house cleaning products. It was formed by the merger of Medtech Products, Inc., Prestige Brands Worldwide, and The Spic and Span Company. The business is headquartered in Irvington, New York. include Dom Perignon Dom PerignonSee : Luxurious , Moet Chandon, Veuve Clicquot, and Pommery champagnes Hennessy and Hine cognacs Louis Vuitton, Loewe, and Celine luggage, leather-based items and add-ons Christian Dior, Givenchy, Kenzo, and Guerlain perfumes and cosmetics Sephora in perfumes and beauty products retailing Fred in jewellery an michael kors väska Givenchy, Christian Lacroix, and Kenzo in couture and fashion. LVMH holds a 61.25% curiosity in DFS (Distributed File System) An enhancement to Home windows NT/2000 and ninety five/ninety eight that enables files scattered across numerous servers to be handled as a single group. With Dfs, a community administrator can develop a hierarchical file system that spans the organization's LANs and , the globe chief in luxury items distribution. marketplace

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Education Act amendments final yr, spearheaded by the small but vocal spiritual homeschool foyer, may be a start. This poll by Angus Reid in 2008 confirmed that 20 per cent of Canadians believe that guy was produced by God in the last 10,000 years, which is a very worrying statistic, and there is a movement with the goal to get creationist ideas into the classroom below the guise of religious independence. The Canadian Development Info Portal lists several creationist museums in Alberta, Ontario, and Manitoba dedicated to the biblical interpretation of our origins, as nicely as links to creationist organizations in 6 provinces. Evolution is true, and there is little that is scientific about creation science. Whilst creationists use the "god of the gaps" to uggs rea fill in these locations exactly where we have no solutions with the supernatural, evolution stays one of the most effective models of the improvement of life on earth, and these gaps continue to close as we achieve new info via experiment and deduction. Father De Chardin saw this as well, and he did billiga uggs not try to mold his science around an unchanging religious doctrine. Instead, like a scientist, he changed his suggestions about the universe and his faith to fit the details prior to him. This week we rejoice the beautiful theory of evolution, borne of a human want to know the universe, and we thank Charles Darwin for pushing us away out of the darkness and assisting us to see its accurate encounter. Here in TN, they have taken actions although new laws to permit creationism back into the classroom. This law turns the clock back almost one hundred many years here in the seemingly unprogressive South and is simply embarrassing. There is no argument towards the Theory of Evolution other than that of spiritual doctrine. The Monkey Law only opens the doorway for fanatic Christianity to creep its way back again into our classrooms. To which 'God of Love' are you referring? The 1 who ordered the slaughter of tens of thousands of people for minor offences in the Previous Testomony? The 1 who requested the indescriminant killing of Muslims during the crusades? The 1 who order the burning of witches at the stake? The one who will kill two thirds of the population of the earth prior to setting up a tyranical 'kingdom of heaven on earth'? And because Christ was a Zealot Jew, I am not sure exactly where you are obtaining the 'total freedom' description, either. Complete independence to be an Orthodox Jew, perhaps. Just curious, simply because the claim to be the 'God of Love' needs a little bit much more proof to assistance it. But I can presume you are not into 'evidence', either. Multiple lines of proof indeed, a lot of assumptions backed original ugg boots günstig by dubious speculations (theories). Evolutionary concept ugg boots günstig is no much more factual than that of creationism. Neither offers factually legitimate or even provable evidence for their assertions.

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Entire TSU community have already laid excellent groundwork for the subsequent president, said TBR chancellor John Morgan in a press release. Shields was tasked with leading TSU into reaccreditation with the Southern Association of Schools and Schools, which the university achieved final December. have been fortunate to have strong, effective and good management with Dr. Shields at the helm during this interim period, said TBR Chancellor John Morgan. engagement with students, college, employees and the broader neighborhood has resulted in many good modifications chanel väskor on the campus. nevertheless, hasn't appeased everybody. She instituted a number of changes, including an educational which resulted in the slashing and combining of a number of applications. Several students, faculty and alumni created the Save TSU Neighborhood Coalition to oppose the reorganization plan. on three/six/twelve at 6:07 Coach Outlet On-line is now the main American marketer of elements produced Christian Louboutin Outlet with the top leathers as properly as other best materials. Each inexpensive coach baggage and each merchandise is belonging to the best superior and produced utilizing only the leading materials. Every and every gucci purses products has usually insisted on handmade and handworked. Mentor Outlet Shop On-line has may be discovered being most desired addons for grownup ladies. Mentor Manufacturing facility Outlet On-line would make them the complete change in glimpse of new out merely near to towards designs, styles and colours to select from Coach Outlet Online. You do possess a opportunity to take a appear billiga michael kors klockor at Mentor Factory Outlet. chanel stockholm Dealing with growing needs of Cheap Supra Footwear and Tory Burch Sale, extra and additional Tory Burch Outlet dietary supplements are accessible and accessible within the lowest cost ferragamo sale. Welcome to order on our Tory Burch Shoes! People these events Gucci outlet require these superb ideal great quality Supra Footwear Sale, but moreover very much extra emphasis spherical 1 of michael kors klockor billigt the most efficient great quality of remarks a specific quantity of Mentor handbags from mentor outlet store online. Maybe you also intrigued in our other cheap ferragamo shoes and gucci backpack. Welcome to select your preferred products ferragamo outlet. La tendance la plus en vogue du c?t." casque dr dre Son utilisation audacieuse de la couleur et le style de mode, ainsi que la bndiction de clbrit, Casque Beats et il a beaucoup souffert des jeunes de tous ages. Casque de Monster poussez la foundation, Casque Monster Beats ils ont tendance les amateurs de hifi peut tre d?u. casque dr dre est d'abord dvelopp dans le monde de haute nergie des appareils vido et sonore pour se connecter la marque, Casque Monster Beats la socit a t fonde en 1979 par M. beats by dre powerbeats Avant de cet quipement, audio, en dpit de l'mergence de la haute fidlit, beats by dre la qualit sonore trs bonne platine tournedisque vinyles, Salut niveau de la fin de l'amplificateur, beats by dre studio et de la musique pour rtablir la parfaite hautefidlit hautparleur, mais la connexion de ces

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Zou dit niet durven publiceren. Waaruit bestaat die "analyse"? Dat is snel gezegd: er worden woorden en zinnen geteld. "De troonrede bevat 1604 woorden en 122 zinnen", is de opzienbarende uitkomst van de eerste telling. De taalprof telt maar 114 zinnen, maar och, dit zal de "analyse" niet merkbaar benvloeden. Er worden trouwens geen conclusies uit getrokken. Wat wordt er dan wel geconcludeerd? "De troonrede bevat redelijk veel passief taalgebruik, satisfied woorden als worden/wordt (18x), kunnen (8x) en zullen/zal (8x)". Opmerkelijk! Wat is er passief aan kunnen en zullen/zal? En waarom niet kunnen/kan (10x)? Hebben de tellers wel gezien dat zullen op four plaatsen in n gezegde staat satisfied worden? Die zouden maar n keer mee mogen tellen, zou je denken. Daar komt bij dat four van die eighteen voorkomens van worden/wordt helemaal geen passief zijn, maar naamwoordelijk gezegde, zoals in kinderopvang wordt goedkoper. Er zijn maar 14 goedkope uggs kopen werkwoordelijke gezegdes met worden/wordt in de lijdende vorm. En ugg outlet hoe zit het met de gezegdes met is/zijn, de voltooide tijd van de lijdende vorm? Tja, die zijn doorway het bureau Sabel niet meegeteld. Waarom niet? Ik denk omdat je die niet zonder na te denken kunt tellen. Toch staan ze er wel in. De taalprof heeft ze handmatig geteld: tussen de 4 en de 6 met zijn, tussen de three en de 5 satisfied is (over sommige gevallen, zoals de militairen zijn op hun taak voorbereid, kun je twisten). Maar wat zijn dat eigenlijk voor verhoudingen? Tussen de 21 en 25 passieve gezegdes op 114 (of 122) outlet canada goose zinnen, is dat veel? Bedenk dat sommige zinnen meer dan n gezegde hebben, omdat er bijzinnen in staan. Meer dan eighty% van de gezegdes is dus niet passief. Je zou ook kunnen zeggen dat de troonrede helemaal niet zo passief is. Het ligt er maar aan wat je bij voorbaat al dacht. De "inhoudelijke analyse" is van hetzelfde laken een pak. Woordjes tellen, en dan de krenten eruit pikken. Sabel geeft een toptien van de meest voorkomende "betekenisvolle woorden": ons, onze (23), regering (15), land (eleven), mensen (11), meer (10), Nederland (9), toekomst (eight), elkaar (7), werken (seven) en beter goedkope ugg kopen (six). De "niet betekenisvolle woorden" zijn in het lijstje niet opgenomen. Die zouden anders de eerste twelve plaatsen innemen, met de (115), en (fifty nine), in (fifty five) als koplopers. Ons en onze zijn bij outlet ugg online elkaar geteld, dan staat het mooi bovenaan, want we willen graag aantonen dat de troonrede "samenbindend" is. 10 behoeve van de uitkomst is ons/onze wel meegerekend, en die/dat (32) niet, want die woorden hebben blijkbaar niet genoeg betekenis. Ook nemen we elkaar (7) natuurlijk wel op, maar zich (11) niet, want dat is niet samenbindend genoeg. O ja, en we rekenen de zelfstandige naamwoorden regering (fifteen), land (11), mensen (eleven) en toekomst (8) wel mee, maar jaar (8) niet, want anders valt beter (6) uit de toptien. Wat "bewijzen" deze tellingen? Niet veel, zou ik denken. De tekst gaat more than de plannen

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Black and taupe, the collection, by designer Veronique Nichanian, was produced up of the tasteful classics that have long been the label's hallmark: Twobutton jackets, lightweight flannel, completely reduce trousers, slim cardigans and lengthy, lean coats. It was all there in olive drab and navy tones, punctuated with eyepopping Ceylon and deep Bordeaux. And as for each typical with this home of unparalleled workmanship, it was all exquisite. Kenzo delivered a whodunit billiga uggs skor of assortment that seemed to British sleuths to resolve the mystery outlet canada goose of menswear. "Each period is like a thriller, a lookup for clues that permit you to discover new appears, new shapes that remain true to the style of the home," Marras, the label's Italian designer, told The AP ahead of the show. Marras cracked the situation this time, serving up a powerful collection that managed to be at as soon as very British and classic Kenzo, with bold mixes, eyepopping colours and kooky knitwear. Sherlock Holmes' preferred fabric tartan dominated the collection of snug Saville Rowstyle suits, paired with Vneck argyle sweaters and droopy satin bow ties. Trouserkilt hybrids were surprisingly fetching, requiring only a bold, fearless character to pull them off. Still, it was difficult to imagine a character daring sufficient to function the trousers with collected paperbag waists that attained the midchest. The sole glitch in an or else outstanding collection, the trousers gave even the beanpole male designs an unflattering intestine paunch. For someone displaying in Paris for the initial time, Lim was oddly ontrend with the layering that has taken catwalks here by storm. The New Yorkbased designer, a crucial darling, layered chunky ribbed vests more than long sleeved sweaters and piled jackets on top of coats a key appear at designers from Louis Vuitton to Givenchy. Lim described his decision to display in Paris with a presentation with designs standing motionless on industrial metal platforms as a whim. "I believed 'let's go exactly where the celebration is,'" he said, adding the encounter had proven "invigorating." A boxy Vneck jacket and a pair of leather harem trousers a white shalwar kameez with a strip narrow strip of black fabric down the entrance, like a sort of minimalist tie. Put the two with each other and you have a company fit, according to Damir Doma, whose darkish, tribal and nearly Medieval eyesight of style has catapulted him into the outlet canada goose günstig highlight. For fallwinter, Doma fielded dropcrotched pants in nubby wool and washed silk that were as close to a skirt as a pair of trousers can be without crossing more than. billiga uggs rea Bulky ribbed sweaters that loosely swathed the models' bodies and starched white shirts with dangling flaps in the entrance completed the appear. Not for everybody, but then once more, who requirements much more traditional twobutton blazers and wearable company slacks? Men in tights have by no means seemed so great. Willhelm gave the men of the world all

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The world premiere of the current Disney offering in this painstakingly restored film palace is like time traveling back to the 30's an organ participant and reside performance usually precede the movie, which is played on a huge screen with a condition of the artwork sound method. Living Large At the Hollywood Highland Middle Subsequent to the Metro station you'll find worldclass shopping, enjoyable and a great see of the Hollywood signal, all in a movieset fashion, openair environment that evokes Hollywood excitement. From Louis Vuitton to the Gap, there's some thing for everyone at the Highland Center. Tour the new Kodak theatre, website of the Academy Awards. experience. All associates of the family members will enjoy cooking their own food in a shabu michael kors sverige shabu hot pot at Koji's Sushi Shabu Shabu Cafe. For the newbie, Koji's servers manual you via this fun and wholesome experience. is a very special personal club, the Magic Castle. Home to some of the best magicians and magic shows in the globe, it is also the website of uniquely entertaining Saturday and Sunday brunches, the only occasions at the castle exactly where below 21's are allowed, and an unforgettable family encounter. Because it is a private club, you will have to get in touch with one of the magicians to get invited. people viewing. Over 100 retailers, restaurants and grocers line the aisles of this old style openair marketplace. You'll discover an extraordinary selection of worldwide cuisine: American, Chinese, French, Mexican, Japanese, Italian, Swedish and Mediterranean, to name a couple of you'll even discover delicacies from New Orleans and Singapore! From Mardi Gras to the summer time concert sequence, there are plenty of familyfriendly events at the market. A 12screen film theatre and an awardwinning concierge service are coupled with a stunning outside environment at The Grove. encounter, finding the New Wave shops and eateries on Melrose Avenue. restaurants, renowned Comedy Improv at The Groundlings (many Saturday Evening Reside cast members go their start right here) and great shops that includes classic clothing and nostalgia objects. michael kors väskor From 50's memorabilia to Punk clothing, there is some thing for all ages to gape at on Melrose. A Uniquely Western Sunset Trip The Old West is alive and nicely at Sunset Ranch exactly where you can take a one or two hour horseback ride through the Hollywood Hills. Their famous Supper Trip is one of Hollywood's bestkept secrets and includes a trip past the Hollywood sign through huge Griffith Park and supper at Viva michael kors väska Fresh Mexican Restaurant before the starlit ride back again to the ranch. I hope you enjoy these suggestions for Hollywood journey on your next journey to Los Angeles. There is a lot I haven't mentioned, such as a trip to the Fairfax chanel väska online District and famous Canter's Deli, the late spring begin of the Hollywood Bowl's Summer time Concert Series, a trip to the San Fernando Valley's No Ho Arts District and Common Studios Theme Park, which is

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Falschen spiel Blutkuss griff nach Ihrer Tasche nun uggs outlet war es Zeit sich auf den Weg zu machen. uggs outlet deutschland Schnell griff Sie noch nach Ihren Flugticktes auf dem Schreibtisch, als es schon an der Tr kingelte. Durch die Gegensprechanlage sprach sie, das sie sofort runter kommen wrde. Blutkuss, die eingendlich im Realen Leben Jersay hiess griff in Ihre Manteltasche und zog Ihren Schlssesl raus, offente Ihre Wohnungstr und canada goose jacken günstig trat mir der Tasche in den Hausflur. Wie blich Schloss, Jersay die Tr zwei mal ab und ging dann nach draussen. Mit einem lcheln auf im Gesicht, sah er die Frau an canada goose outlet schweiz diesem kalten Herbstabend auf die Siebeneichengasse sixteen zugehen. Ruhig ging er druch die Wohnung, bedeutete der Hndin liegen zu bleiben und schlpfte in die schwarzen Stiefel. Die Schwarze Jeans, das Schwarze Langrmlige Hemd, sein Langer schwarzer Ledermantel und natrlich seine langen schwarzen Haare sowie Bart boten ein einheitlich, dsteres Bild. Er hielt nichts davon eine Frau durch die Gegensprechanlage zu begren. Gemchlich ging er die zwei Stockwerke nach unten. Knarzend ffnete sich die alte etwas verwitterte, dicke Holztr und gab den Blick frei auf die Frau. "Gestatten: Deep Silence, alias Richard Urvalek. Sie mssen dann wohl BlutKuss sein?" seine tiefe Bassstimme sprach mit dem leichten wiener Akzent wie man ihn kannte und liebte. Tyndra/Raven 04.11.2006, twelve:32 Sie blickte auf die Haustr dich sich vor Ihr gerade ffnete. Ein sanftes und ruhiges lcheln lag auf Ihren Lippen. Sie blickte dem Mann offen in die Augen als er sich Ihr Vorstellte. "Nun, sie haben Recht, lassen sie mich ihnen zeigen, wesswegen sie eigendlich hier sind." meinte Richard und ging auf den Park, der auf der gegenberliegenden Straenseite lag zu. "Sie mssen wissen, dieser Park stammt aus den frhen 20ern des letzten Jahrhunderts." Sie umrundeten den Park zu einem Viertel, dann bog Richard in eine dstere zugewachsene Allee ein. "Dies hier ist die sogenannte Finster Allee. Ich versichere ihnen sie hat ihren Namen verdient." Er lchelte ihr zu und bedeutete ihr ihm zu folgen. Tyndra/Raven 04.eleven.2006, seventeen:21 Sie lauschte seinen Worten, whrend sie sich mit einer sonderbaren Aufmerksamkeit die Umgebung ansah. " Nun ich bin gespannt, was passieren wird." lchelte sie noch immer sanft, whrend sie ihm folgt. Jedoch hrte sie auch in der Finstern Allee nicht auf jeden winkel zu bertrachte. Noch immer wirkte Jersay seltsam ruhig, es machte den Eindruck als wenn sie selbst das nicht aus der Ruhe bringen wrde. Varjo 04.eleven.2006, seventeen:55 Langsam stieg der Mond empor, es hatte schon um fnf gedmmert doch nun wurde es wirklich dunkel. Richard bathroom auf einmal hyperlinks ab und ging einige Meter zu einem Grabstein. Auf diesem stand ein Lateinischer Text geschrieben. Er zog ein Blatt Papier aus seiner Manteltasche hervor und las vor, was er einige Tage zu vor bersetzt hatte. Oh, es kommt noch besser. meint er und wollte sich gerade hinter den Grabstein begeben, als einige Kinder vorbeiliefen und neugierig

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International warming. Dr. Eugene F. Mallove, a Norwich Totally free Academy graduate, fifty six, died May 14, 2004 after becoming beaten to loss of life during an alleged robbery. Mallove appeared on Coast To Coast AM as recently as Feb. 2004 speaking about alternative power. Mallove was well respected for his understanding of chilly fusion. Im, retired protein chemist, age 72, was discovered in the burning trunk of his car with mutlitple stab wounds to the upper body. West Nile researcher, Dr. Michael Perich, 46, died in a one car vehicle accident. From 1986 to 1992, Perich labored at Fort Detrick in Frederick, Md., as the vector suppression program supervisor and study healthcare entomologist. Colleagues woolrich outlet schweiz described him as "1 of the couple of entomologists with the experience to go out and save life today." Go to Complete Checklist and Gallery: Chronology of Lifeless ScientistsRussian Investigators Probe Biological Weapons Link (Leonid Strachunsky) to Hepatitis Outbreak Mysterious Murder of However Another of the World Top Researchers (Dr. Lull) as China Declares Chicken Flu Emergency and World Health Organization Warns of Pandemic Not A lot to go on in Slaying of Dr. ugg boots schweiz Robert J. Lull Former Los Alamos Scientist, Todd Kauppila, Dies Leading Scientist, David Banking institutions, Amongst Dead Target, Dr. David Banks, Lauded as 'Brilliant Scientist' Another Lifeless Epidemiologist Dr. Douglas James Passaro, 43 Navy Professional Aids MUPD with Im Case US Magic formula Law enforcement Forces (SSB) Bomb Biochemical Plant Close to Harvard University, Scientist Dr. Don C. Chemist, Angara, Discovered Dead In Water Tank Squad Seeks Suggestions in Death of Researcher, Jeong H. Im Burning Vehicle Holds Body (of Jeong H. Im) Car Crash Kills 2 Wildlife Researchers (Thorme/Williams) Edwin "Tom" Thorne and his spouse, Elizabeth William John Mullen Scientist Poisoned Wth Arsenic Another Dead Scientist: John R. La Montagne, PhD Another Dead Scientist Matthew Allison, 32 "Crimson Loss of life": History of Russian Secret Weapons Professor John Clark Head of Dolly Clone Lab is Discovered Hanged louis vuitton outlet schweiz Doctor's Loss of life Stuns Family members, Buddies Air Crash Target, Dr. Paul Norman, Was Weapons Expert Dallas County Epidemiologist Tulu Dies Physique in 3 Suitcases Was NJ University Professor Russian Scientist Dies in Ebola Accident at Previous Weapons Lab New Trial Feasible in Bizarre Bomb Situation (Don C. Smith Demo Gavel to Gavel Protection (Don C. Wiley murder) Alt. Energy Expert Dr. Eugene Mallove Murdered Another Dead Scientist Vadake Srinivasan Dr. Michael Patrick Kiley, Professional on Mad Cow and Ebola, 62, Dies Robert Shope, seventy four, Virus Professional Who Warned of Epidemics, Dies Update on the Death of the Two Scientists (Shope and Kiley) This 7 days Another Dead Scientist: Robert Leslie Burghoff Another Lifeless Scientist: louis vuitton outlet online LSU W. Nile Researcher, Perich, Dies in Pickup Crash on I twelve In Memoriam. . . David Wynn Williams 1946 2002 David Wynn Williams: Making use of the Lessons of Antarctica to the Research of the Stars Miscellaneous List of Murdered Researchers Dead Researchers Missing / Dead Researchers fourteen Dead Researchers and Counting Mysterious

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Gedrnge am einzigen Ein und Ausgang des Feiergelndes. Mehr als 500 billige ugg boots Verletzte gab es. Drei Jahre ist das nun schon her. Die strafrechtliche Aufarbeitung des Unglcks luft noch. Vor allem Angehrige ugg boots outlet deutschland der Opfer und die vielen Verletzten aus aller Welt warten auf Ergebnisse. "Die Ermittlungen laufen weiter. Wir arbeiten mit Hochdruck an einem Abschluss", sagt Oberstaatsanwalt Michael Schwarz von der Duisburger Staatsanwaltschaft. Seine Behrde ermittelt gegen sixteen Beschuldigte, darunter Mitarbeiter der Stadt Duisburg und des Veranstalters Lopavent. Ob und wann Anklage erhoben wird, ist weiter offen. Wie konnte es zu dem tdlichen Gedrnge kommen? Wer ist verantwortlich fr die Katastrophe? Geht es nach Zwischenergebnissen und Gutachten, sind viele Fehler gemacht worden. Der falsche Ort, zu wenig Sicherheitsleute, wie der "Focus" aus einem Gutachten zitierte, fehlende Kameras, falsche Entscheidungen vor Ort. Angehrige und Verletzte, von denen viele noch an den Folgen des Unglcks leiden, knnen kaum glauben, dass keiner Verantwortung fr das Geschehene bernimmt der Veranstalter Lopavent nicht, die Stadt nicht und auch alle anderen nicht, die am Sicherheitskonzept mitgearbeitet haben. Der Massendynamik Professor Keith Still ist in einem Gutachten sogar zu dem Schluss gekommen, dass es nach dem von der Stadt genehmigten Konzept nicht einmal theoretisch mglich war, das Techno Fest gefahrlos zu feiern. Htten die Verantwortlichen die Besucherstrme addiert, htten sie feststellen knnen, dass die Rampe auf das Gelnde viel zu klein war, lautet seine Analyse. Ob es jemals zur Anklage kommen wird, hlt Kriminologie Professor Thomas Feltes von der Ruhr Universitt Bochum nicht fr sicher. "Die Staatsanwaltschaft wird nur dann Anklage erheben, wenn sie mit ninety nine prozentiger Sicherheit mit einer Verurteilung rechnet", hatte Feltes, der auch den Angehrigen eines Todesopfers vertritt, im Mai erklrt. Fr eine Verurteilung msse zweifelsfrei nachgewiesen sein, dass die Person wesentlich zum Tod oder zu Verletzungen beigetragen habe. Aufgrund der komplexen Kette von Ereignissen bei der Katastrophe sei diese Beweisfhrung billige uggs uerst schwierig. Der Kriminologe fordert einen unabhngigen Untersuchungsausschuss. Solch einen Ausschuss hlt Jrgen Hagemann vom Verein "Loveparade Selbsthilfe" fr berholt. Die Staatsanwaltschaft habe inzwischen ausermittelt. "Wir gehen davon aus, dass es zur Anklageerhebung kommen wird." Hagemann hatte aber mehr erwartet. "Es hat nicht einmal eine Suspendierung oder Versetzung gegeben", beklagt er. Opferanwalt Julius Reiter geht davon aus, dass canada goose outlet es noch in diesem Jahr zur Anklageerhebung kommt. Die Beweislast und Anzeichen der Staatsanwaltschaft deuteten darauf hin. Am Jahrestag an diesem Mittwoch treffen sich Angehrige und berlebende Opfer am ehemaligen Loveparade Gelnde. An der Zugangsrampe hinter einem dunklen Tunnel, wo es zum tdlichen Gedrnge kam, ist eine uggs outlet online Gedenksttte entstanden. Auf einer schmalen, steilen Treppe, die viele der in Panik geratenen jungen Menschen als letzte Rettung aus dem tdlichen Gedrnge zu erreichen versuchten, stehen 21 Holzkreuze, jeweils mit dem Vornamen und Change des Opfers. Neben der Treppe fhren Steinstufen die nun verkrzte Rampe hinauf zum ehemaligen Feiergelnde, auf dem bald ein Mbelhaus gebaut werden soll. Am Ende liegt eine Gedenktafel auf einem Sockel mit der Aufschrift: "Duisburg gedenkt der Opfer der Loveparade 24. Juli 2010". (dpa)

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These vaults can't be understated. Canada also has an excellent all arounder in Christine Lee, who never looked much better or sharper in competitors than she did today. I nonetheless do not know whether or not she touched her knees down on her beam dismount, but the inside of her beam routine, which has been reshuffled a bit (switch to aspect aerial and bhs, layout instead of the aspect aerial, format combo she used in Tokyo) was impeccable. After speaking to the media, the Canadians marched out of the arena to a standing ovation from the Canadian coaches and officers in the stands. They can maintain their heads high. And, as Kyle Shewfelt place it: "They can have a more relaxing afternoon than the men's group." The Dutch fortunes have declined since Tokyo, particularly with the loss of leading all arounders Celine van Gerner and Pleasure Goedkoop. Their overall performance here was not ideal by any means, but it is a good coaching floor for new seniors like Lisa Leading, who may be the long term of Dutch gymnastics. Dianne Teunisse was also very impressive if not totally ideal on bars, beam and vault. Top was the leading all arounder on the Dutch team from this morning's session, but she has not satisfied the Dutch Federation's requirements for Olympic qualification, whilst Celine van Gerner and Wyomi outlet woolrich Masela have. So whether or not she will be in the individual to go to the Olympics if Spain does not qualify seems rather in doubt. The Dutch appear to think that they are in competition with Spain for the last Olympic berth right here in London. If Spain does well in the subsequent session, they believe, they are probably not going to qualify. The people seem to be mostly grouped by geographic region, and this morning's session featured the woolrich outlet jassen Central and South Americans and East Asians. As a team they were quite extraordinary. Standouts were Jessica Lopez (of course) and Colombia's Jessica Gil. The final time Gil competed in this arena was floor finals at the 2009 Worlds, where she crashed a handspring double entrance to her head and really experienced to stop her routine. But present day overall canada goose outlet nederland performance sans double entrance was fantastic, and included a double format, complete in tuck and double pike. China's performances here were basically cameos, appearances on their very best occasions only. Sui Lu was terrific on beam and flooring, Yao Jinnan likewise on bars and beam. This may be the last performance of Sui Lu's "Scent of a Lady" flooring physical exercise, as she is working on something new and peppier with choreographer Adi Pop. Up subsequent: France, Belgium, Spain, Ukraine, Portugal, Slovakia, Australia. Stay tuned! The Gymnastics Examiner will be at the 02 Arena in London for the Olympic Check Event all week. Follow the action on Facebook or Twitter, or click "Subscribe" above to recieve the latest gymnastics information canada goose outlet online and updates by

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